Steve Nicoll and Laura Gerrits-Gedvile

Help People Grow

Investment in growing people’s knowledge is a holistic and adaptive approach to improving business performance that is achieved through innovative and collaborative thinking and engagement at all levels. Development shows people that they are valued. When people feel valued, they become more productive, which ultimately transfers into operational results for the organisation. Being a learning organisation that is focused on the growth of its people is critical to ongoing success and should form a fundamental part of the overall strategy for leadership.

“Engaged and curious people freely and willingly give discretionary effort as part of their daily work.”


Steve Nicoll

After spending three successful decades at media outlet News Corporation in operations and continuous improvement, he proceeded to earn a master’s degree in Lean Enterprise with distinction in 2018 and before becoming an Associate at the Manufacturing Institute.

Working with The Manufacturing Institute since his days at News Corporation, Steve undertakes a series of assignments each month for our manufacturing charity, providing bespoke solutions for organisations across the globe.

During his 31 years at News UK, Steve was both Operations Manager and Continuous Improvement Leader – helping the media conglomerate to shape and implement their own operational excellence strategy.

This carefully constructed strategy played an instrumental role in the business’ prestigious Shingo Prize win – making News Corporation the first company to be awarded the highest honour in enterprise excellence.

In his current enterprise excellence coaching role, Steve is tasked with supporting every specific organisation in a way that enables advancement whilst adhering to cultural preferences.

He has worked with organisations in China, India, North Africa, Ireland, the United States of America and the UK on their own respective journeys to enterprise excellence, helping them to resolve challenges through developing people, increasing engagement and encouraging self-sufficiency and sustainable systems.

“I am very proud of having spent such a long time at News Corporation, where we generated news for the public in what was a very different environment to the one in which we live today. The Shingo Prize was also a terrific honour, and it was great to be part of the team.” 

Guiding global organisations to maturity

Every business encounters their own types of challenges, and progression is only possible when these issues are identified and resolved. As a business coach, Steve proudly offers the kind of assistance that organisations require to pinpoint their challenges and create effective solutions – ultimately building a platform for long-term success.

The path to maturity can be long, complex and frustrating without a reassuring, forthright and experienced voice leading the way. That’s why Steve is such an asset to businesses looking to take their operations to the next level.

“Every solution I offer is bespoke, but based on the same principles. There is a consistency, but you need to be able to adopt and adapt to suit the customer’s own requirements. It’s not consulting; it’s coaching. It’s about working with people to help them find their own solution.”


Laura Gerrits-Gedvile

Founder, The Creators of Holistic
Laura coaches leaders and CEOs to explore opportunities for developing personal growth that is then transferred into tangible operational outcomes for organisations.

Understanding the pain points and dreams of leadership helps her to guide them to design systems that encourage knowledge sharing, co-creation and people growth.

Founded on a holistic enterprise mindset and not silo thinking, Laura’s passion for people growth helps organisations create meaningful and sustainable transformations.

Laura has vast industry experience covering fashion, IT, retail, hotels, banking, facilities management, education and construction.