Darin Fleming, Simon Bugeja, Mark Clayton and Matt Duddy

Uncovering the gaps through our Marshalls Maturity Assessment (MMA)

After the introduction of the Marshalls Way of Operational Excellence 18 months ago, the balanced scorecard we developed (MMA) for benchmarking and measuring site maturity levels highlighted 4 key areas that required significant improvement across all 10 of our UK sites.

The workshop begins by framing and giving a brief overview of how we addressed: A standard organizational structure and then provided insights into our future plans for;

  1. OGSM Strategy Alignment
  2. Accredited Lean competency-based pay structure.
  3. The heart of the presentation will take a deeper dive into how we took Standard Work from a barely functional inadequate standard to world-class levels using Video SOPs accessed through QR codes. The interactive session will demonstrate the effectiveness and power of video in the way people learn
  4. Finally, we will teach you how to make your own Video SOPs & QR codes for free using your own mobile phone and how you can implement them back at your own organisation.


Darin Fleming

Darin is an experienced Continuous Improvement Manager with 25 years of experience in manufacturing working in electronics and the building materials industry. He is skilled in Manufacturing, Change Management, Shingo Model of Operational Excellence, Lean and Continuous Improvement.

Prior to joining Marshalls 2 years ago Darin spent his entire working life at Mitsubishi Electric spending significant time training in Japan studying Japanese work ethics and disciplines such as 5S, JIT, Kaizen and Jidoka. His highest level of education achieved so far is an HND in Leadership and Management and an HNC in Engineering Systems.

In Marshalls, Darin has spent the last 18 months developing the business Operational Excellence strategy to ensure alignment across the UK and co-created the Marshalls Maturity Assessment (MMA) which covers people, process and  purpose to deliver sustainable results and create a Continuous Improvement learning culture.

Darin will be delivering a workshop alongside his colleagues Mark Clayton, Simon Bugeja and Matt Duddy.  The guys will take our delegates on an interactive journey where they will uncover their holistic approach to Operational Excellence benchmarking. Looking at People, Process, Purpose and Results!

Simon Bugeja

A highly results focused individual Simons true passion lies in people and to lead and inspire across cultures, this linked to extensive experience of achieving “real” profitable gains in some diverse and highly competitive manufacturing sectors. His development and education in Six Sigma environments, and more recently in the implementation of tailored Lean Sigma programs, has afforded him measured success in leading positive transformational change within diverse business cultures.

30 years of experience within manufacturing with over two decades working on developing a skill set with Avery Dennison’s European business. Prior to joining Marshalls in his current regional National Manufacturing Directors role, he was employed in the Global food sector, and as one of the bigger challenges he faced was key responsibility for creating and implementing a bespoke automated factory solution, aligned to EMEA business growth, strategy and profitability model.

Simon’s time in education came later in his career achieving Degrees in both Leadership and Organisational Culture at Teesside & Bournemouth University Business Schools respectively. This led into an exciting opportunity working closely with the local colleges in a coaching role for undergraduates through one to one and small structured group seminars.

Mark Clayton

Mark is an experienced Operations Manager with 25 years working at a senior level. During this time he has successfully managed fast paced Newspaper Printing Sites from the Midland to the Northwest of the Uk, printing a large portfolio of national newspaper titles.

Formally Operation Manager at Newsprinters  where Mark was part of a four man team to implement the Newsprinters continuous improvement strategy and people development across three printing sites. This laid the foundations to achieve the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, making Newsprinters the first business in the UK to win the Shingo prize and the first newspaper manufacturer in the World.

Mark’s passion for continuous improvement spans over twenty years and in that time he has developed his skills through Six Sigma, lean transformation and lean tool & techniques.

Mark’s business education came through the Chartered Management Institute & Buckingham University. Currently Site Operations Manager for one of Marshall’s Northwest operating facilities with overall responsibility for the two factory site.

Matt Duddy

Matt’s passion is change management and people development, with 20 years’ experience working in Operational environments. During this time, he has successfully delivered high profile projects including facility relocations, turnaround projects and site start-ups in the UK and Asia.

Matt has operated in fast-paced environments whilst working for Amazon and General Electric (GE Healthcare), which have been critical to his development whilst holding various positions, including Program Manager, Site Manager and Lean Leader. He started his career as a Manufacturing Apprentice, working his way to senior positions, whilst being educated to Degree Level in Business Management and Leadership with the Open University. Currently employed as Head of Development for Marshalls, responsible for Strategy Deployment and Continuous Improvement across manufacturing.