Kathryn Walker and Alex Elmywood

Is The Way You Are Working, Working?

Leading Well: is the way you are working, working?

Its probably fair to say the mental health and wellbeing of employees is a hot topic for businesses at the moment. Unfortunately too many businesses are responding to this issue by implementing employee wellbeing initiatives and programmes which sadly are failing to have a positive impact on wellbeing levels or the performance of the business.

What we know is that sustainable wellness is not achieved through well-intentioned programmes but through the attitudes and behaviours of every individual. We know this because whilst investment in employee wellbeing has increased, absenteeism linked to mental health and stress related issues is also continuing to rise across the UK.

From our experience of working with leaders and businesses, we know the impact – both positively and negatively – that leaders and managers can have in creating an environment which empowers people to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing and in turn make positive lifestyle changes for themselves.

Join us in this interactive workshop to discuss the active role managers can have in tackling this workplace epidemic.


Kathryn Walker-Yates is the Head of Business Delivery at The Growth Company: Organisational Improvement:
For the past 2-decades, Kathryn has been supporting companies across the North of England to achieve real business benefits through effective leadership, people management and cultural change. Kathryn is a qualified Lumina Spark practitioner and has a particular passion for leading change through leadership authenticity and understanding self. As a highly experienced Organisational Improvement Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach and Mentor, Kathryn is well recognised for placing a mirror in front of leadership teams and to help them realise their true potential. “I love working with organisations – and in particular leaders – to ensure workplace’s are happy, healthy and productive. For me, is all about its people”

Alexandra Elmywood is the Commercial Director at The Growth Company: Organisational Improvement.

With 20 years-experience in designing and implementing organisational improvement programmes, Alex has devoted her career to helping businesses create happy, healthy and sustainable environments where people can thrive. As an experienced consultant, trainer and Executive Coach, Alex’s expertise lies in aligning leadership and cultures with employee wellness and through this work has been helping change mindsets on how UK businesses can achieve real and sustainable wellbeing in the 21st century. “I consider my job as a great privilege. Not only do we actively help organisations understand their potential but we help them realise it too”. Alex has also held senior positions at Investors in People UK, Investors in People Scotland and the UK Commission for Employment & Skills (UKCES)