Daran Sadler

Changing the mindset: from fire-fighting to process improvement

One of the key factors we have identified to drive improvement in our performance is shifting the mindset and culture from “fire-fighting” to “continuous improvement”. Daily fire-fighting drains energy; demotivates staff and continuously erodes value-stream performance. Understanding the causes of a fire-fighting culture and how our behaviours as Leaders reinforce these causes is critical to being able to identify the right actions to take to support this cultural shift. As a Leadership Team we have started a journey to develop ourselves and our teams to deliver every day; be engaged and continuously improve our work. The presentation will offer no solutions, but simply describe what we have done so far to lead this change with reflections on our successes and learnings. The interactive session will prompt each delegate to reflect themselves and offer the opportunity to share observations on this topic


Daran graduated with a degree in Physics from Brunel University in 1989 and followed that with a PhD at the University of Kent at Canterbury.   Enjoying the academic life, Daran then moved to Glasgow as a researcher in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde.  His research interests led him to start to work on online process analysis for the gas, oil and chemical industries.  This eventually led to a move from academia into the private sector.  Whilst working for a chemical manufacturing company he started to develop an awareness of Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement.  Further moves into the pharmaceutical sector allowed him to develop this interest further; looking at how to apply the concepts of lean and CI to manufacturing processes in an industry traditionally risk averse and nervous of change.  Daran joined GSK in 2007 and has done a variety of roles associated with operational excellence, strategy and quality.  He is currently the lead for Glaxo Production System (GPS) at GSKs manufacturing and supply facility at Barnard Castle.