Ian Jones and Martin McKie

Kaizen – Cultural Enabler Or Business Improvement Tool?

What is Kaizen and how is it applied across Jaguar Land Rovers Powertrain Facility in the heat of the Midlands? After Several False starts at Kaizen a review of the process and the purpose kicked off some healthy discussion, are we trying to Transform the Bottom Line, are we trying to improve employee engagement or in fact both?

One of the key focusses was how do we recognise good innovation and positively reinforce best practice improvements, through both formal and informal routes and really showing appreciation.

What actions can we or Have we taken to better engage our workforce through Recognition?


Ian Jones is the Integrated Production Systems Manager at the EMC, having taken over the role in June Last Year, Ian joined JLR 5 Years ago and has had numerous production management roles, most recently Manufacturing Improvement lead across the Plant, and Process Leader within Machining. Ian was part of JLR’s Emerging Leaders Programme in 2017 studying at Cranfield School of Management.

Martin McKie is the Integrated Production Systems Facilitator / Trainer at the EMC. Martin is a chartered Engineer and Manager; with a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering, involved in engineering for over 20 years with 14 years industrial experience, including as a Project Engineer for AMEC and as a Business Development Engineer for an SME. Subsequently working in the Automotive Industry, first as a Quality Engineer for Nissan NMUK; then for Jaguar Land Rover as a Quality Engineer and, more recently, Senior Engineer within Business Improvement and Integrated Production Systems.