George Donaldson and Brian Nixon

Get Everyone On The Same Page

The best leaders and leadership teams understand that alignment is the most important factor towards achieving business goals and successful business transformations. They understand that misalignment creates confusion, frustration, mistrust and disengagement throughout the entire enterprise. Conversely, when alignment is achieved, business performance and improvements are sustained over time. And, employees feel valued, engaged, empowered and are willing to give more.

Why then are only 8% of UK employees engaged at work and why do 73% of UK Business Transformations fail?

In this session George Donaldson will provide valuable insight from thought leaders such as: Deming; Drucker; Covey; Peters; Collins; and Sinek and will provide case studies into how the best leadership teams clearly understand the differences between leadership and management, have a clear purpose, compelling vison, and inspire and engage all employees to achieve organisational goals


George Donaldson

George Donaldson is one of the most recognisable names in enterprise excellence.

His distinguished career has featured stints at automotive companies, media conglomerates and packaging firms before joining the Manufacturing Institute as a Leadership and Enterprise Excellence Coach.

After studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in both Scotland and Canada, George then proceeded to pick up a wide array of qualifications and certifications including a Leadership Diploma from Queen’s University, BM Trada ISO certifications, an MSc in Lean Enterprise (Distinction) from the University of Buckingham, a PTTL Level 4 Teaching Diploma, a Level 4 Business Improvement Techniques Diploma, and also earn certified Shingo Examiner and Facilitator status.

Following 15 years in government, George emigrated to Canada where he started off as plant production manager for a General Motors (franchise). He then spent 17 years with the Toronto Star as chief engineer before becoming their continuous improvement manager in 2004.

George returned to Britain in 2007 to take the group continuous improvement manager role at News UK – developing and implementing the Newsprinters Continuous Improvement System (NCIS) across the group’s three major UK sites.

His work played a pivotal role in Newsprinters Eurocentral becoming the only newspaper in the world to win the Shingo Prize – as well as the first (and only) UK winner.

“The Shingo Prize win of 2014 is without doubt one of my greatest memories and achievements. We worked extremely hard to earn that, and I’ll always look back on that proudly. I am striving to do it again.”

Ensuring excellence

George is now using all his experience to support business across the globe as a Leadership and Enterprise Excellence Coach at the Manufacturing Institute.

“My specialism is coaching leadership teams – helping them to better understand where they can improve their business by engaging employees. The journey to excellence is a bit like football; you win the minor leagues and then you work your way up. It’s a process.”

Brian Nixon

Brian was appointed Managing Director of Springfields Fuels Limited in 2017 and has over 25 years experience in the nuclear industry.

Brian is a Chartered and European Engineer and is a Fellow of the IET. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University and an MBA from Lancaster University Management School.

Brian is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has a broad range of experience having held a variety of positions at BNFL and Westinghouse Springfields. These include Head of the Oxide Fuels Business, Operations Manager for nuclear fuel manufacturing,
Head of Engineering, Deputy Chief Engineer, Business Planning and Continuous Improvement.