Adam Buckley

Opening Address

Adam Buckley

Behind the fads, buzzwords and bulls*!t – exploring the conference Whitepaper.

This presentation examines some of the reasons behind the destructive cycle of short-termism and the endless search for the ‘silver bullet’ to turbo charge our business performance. Where decades of quick-fix solutions and incremental improvements have amounted to unwieldy businesses crippled by their own complexity, making it increasingly difficult for people to be successful. We will strip this back to expose the simple nature of what high performing organisations do – and how great leadership lies at the very heart of their success.


Adam Buckley has held many senior roles in manufacturing across his long and illustrious career – but few have been traditional.

During his time in the industry, Adam has worked on various multi-million-pound transformation programmes, playing a pivotal role in bringing about crucial change in organisations.

Having collaborated with The Manufacturing Institute twice, Adam is currently working alongside our charity to continue the mission he started several years ago: create great leaders and great organisations.

With extensive experience in both industry and independent consultancy across a huge range of sectors, Adam is a highly-respected voice in European manufacturing.

One particularly noteworthy achievement is how he led the team that launched the first ever international Shingo Prize affiliate; subsequently working to instil these cultural principles as a certified Shingo facilitator.

Adam spent more than a decade within industry before moving into service and consultancy, working in the manufacturing, distribution and health sectors. He has spent 10 of the past 15 years working with The Manufacturing Institute – helping businesses all over the world to induce the kind of cultural changes that lead to continuous improvement through high levels of employee engagement.

Adam’s mindset has carried him through his whole career: If you apply yourself and give your very best, whether the outcome is successful or not, you could not have given anymore. As a result, you will always retain your self-respect and walk with your head held high.

 “I’ve had multiple roles whilst working with The Manufacturing Institute, and my duties today involve emphasising the importance of leadership in a working environment and how that impacts an organisation’s behaviours and beliefs .”

With a track record for delivering improvement programmes that have impacted both top and bottom line performance, Adam has coached leaders both in operations and cultural transformation.

Elsewhere, he has also contributed to the sector through pioneering projects – helping to set up Fab Lab (which offered people the creative space and tools to bring concepts to life); developing a portfolio of products and services to help coach leaders and organisations towards Enterprise Excellence; and writing thought leadership papers such as the Framework For Excellence whitepaper (which inspired our March 2019 conference).

Having helped companies develop and manufacture environmental-based solutions and implement lean techniques in the past, Adam’s focus today is on Enterprise excellence; specifically supporting and challenging mind-sets to create fantastic leaders.

“Becoming a leader is not just glorified management – it’s about creating an environment in which people can grow, excel and thrive, with the sole intention of leaving a legacy when that work is complete.”